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Options and extensions for Differential Dynamic Scale Loop (DSL)

The Differential Dynamic Scale Loop (DSL) offers some additonal options and extensions for the basic model:



Order no

Pressure extension
  "medium pressure"
Extension of standard pressure range 51 bar (740 psi) to 170 bar (2.465 psi) P114-0003 
Pressure extension
  "high pressure"
Extension of standard pressure range 51 bar (740 psi) to 380 bar (5.500 psi)
→ Upgrade of differential pressure sensor to 20 bar (290 psi) (Basic: 5 bar / 72 psi)
→ Extension P114-0003 included
Multi-Inlet extension

Use of two additional sample or cleaning fluids
→ Automatic tests with 7 fluids (instead of 5)
→ Scale-on-scale test
→ Extended inhibitor testing
→ Extended dissolver testing

 P114-0019Data sheet
Filter blockage/
  sample chamber
Additional sample chamber for the use of:
→ Filter with different pore size to test for filter blockage
→ Plates for the retrieval of scale material for external tests (XRD, Raman etc.)
Flow meterCoriolis flow meter for highly accurate determination of flow rate
→ permanent obsrevation of pump functionality
→ parallel density measurement
Inline pH probeMeasurement of sample pH value in the outlet flow (ambient pressure) P114-0005 
Inline EC probeMeasurement of electrical conductivity in the outlet flow (ambient pressure) P114-0006 
Pneumatic Suction
Sample bottles are be set under slight overpressure
→ Eased suction for the pumps = increased reliability
→ Avoidance of bubbles in the feed lines
→ Use of inert gas possible for samples with high sensitivity against oxidation (e.g. Fe(II) )

H2S compatibility

Exchange of all wetted parts (capillary, tubing, sensors, valves)
in whole pressurized area against H2S compatible material (e.g. Hastelloy, titanium)
→ Test of very corrosive, H2S containing fluids possible

H2S compatibility

Exchange of all wetted parts (capillary, tubing)
in pressurized and hot area against corrosion restitant material (Hastelloy)
→ Test of very corrosive fluids possible
Low temperatureExchange of oven against a liquid thermostat
→ testing at or below room temperature possible
→ exchange on-site available = direct adaption for customer needs
    Oven and thermostat can be switched by operator before experiments

You need other options or extensions? Please contact us! Your specific customization might only be a matter of one question.

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