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Technical Data

Differential Dynamic Scale Loop

Measurement device:

Differential Dynamic Scale Loop


Examine the formation and deposition of scale in pipelines and tubes with the Differential Dynamic Scale Loop. Test scale inhibitors, hardness stabilizers in aqueous solutions for oil and gas industry, water desalination or geothermal energy.

Temperature range:

+ 30 ... +250 °C (basic model)
 - 25 ... +150 °C (model "low temperature")


0/3,4 ... 45 bar (Basic model)
         ... 172 bar (Model "Medium pressure")
         ... 380 bar (Model "High pressure")
         other pressure ranges on request

Flow rates:

Single pump: 0,001 ... 9,99 ml/min
Total flow: max. 29,97 ml/mi

Model pipeline:

Outer Ø: 1/16", stainless steel (standard)
other diameters and materials on request

Power consumption:

max. 2.500 W

Power supply:

230 V~ or 115 V~


70 kg (Basic model)

Dimensions (WxDxH):

140 x 50 x 75 cm

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