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Gas hydrates: Overview Lab devices

You want to examine gas hydrates?

Use our knowledge and experience on laboratory instruments for gas hydrates!

  • Rocking Cells - Basic version or sapphire glass

  • Gas Hydrate Autoclave

Rocking Cells - both offer:

  • Most stringent test for research on gas hydrates, kinetical gas hydrate inhibitors, anti-agglomerants and corrosion inhibitors
  • Turbulent mixing conditions simulate pipeline conditions
  • For each cell individually adjustable pressure up to 200 bar (2,900 psi)
  • Variable test setting, shut-down, restart, multiple ramps, cycles and more

Sapphire glass Rocking Cell RCS

Basic Rocking Cell RC5

  • Up to 20 completely viewable, transparent sapphire glass cells
  • Monitor the complete sample chamber
  • Ball run-time measurement
  • Examine interactions of additives
  • Three different models available
Saphirglas-Rocking Cell mit 20 Zellen

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Sapphire glass Rocking Cell

  • 5 movable test cells, extendable to 10
  • Cells made of stainless steel or Hastelloy for sour gas tests
  • Compact und automated with integrated PC
Basisversion: Rocking Cell RC

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Rocking Cell - Basic version

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Gashydrat-Autoklaven - das können beide

  • Gashydrate, Gashydratinhibitoren und Anti-Agglomerants untersuchen
  • System simuliert Pipelinebedingungen sehr realitätsnah
  • Photo- und Videoaufnahmen während des Versuchs
  • Automatisierter Testablauf mit flexibler Software
  • Leichter Öffnungsmechanismus - keine Flanschverbindung
  • Interner Magnetrührer im Autoklavboden
  • Hastelloy-Modelle für Sauergas-Anwendungen verfügbar

GHA 200

GHA 350

  • Bis 200 bar
  • Eine Endoskop-Kamera: 1280x1024 px, RGB32
  • Überkopfrührer mit Drehmomentmessung optional zur Kamera
  • Bis 350 bar
  • Drei Endoslopkameras: je 1280x1024 px, RGB32
  • Überkopfrührer mit Drehmomentmessung parallel zu Kameras
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Gas hydrate formation: Gas hydrate autoclave GHA 200
  • Examine gas hydrates, gas hydrate inhibitors and anti-agglomerants
  • Measures temperature, torque and pressure (up to 700 bar / 10,000 psi)
  • Photo and video recording during experiment possible
  • Long term experiments up to 30 days and more
  • Fully automated test schedule with flexible software

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