Lab instruments for oil and gas. Made in Germany.

Third-party contract measurements for oil and gas, petrochemical products, gas hydrates and more

PSL Systemtechnik offers extensive third-party contract measurements in the area of Flow Assurance, crude and live oil, petroleum and petroleum products, gas hydrates and physical properties.
For this we adapt the test parameter to your needs and provice test facilities beyond the typical standard procedures. Customer specific adaptations of our instruments and completely new test set-ups are possible.

We offer the following measurements:


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  • Asphaltene stability
  • Effectiveness of asphalten inhibitors
  • Blending stability of crude oil
  • Pressure-dependent destabilization
Temperature:-25 .. +300 °C
Pressure:up to 700 bar
Sample volume:~ 10 / 30 ml
Norm / Kurzbeschreibung
  • Titration up to flocculation of asphaltenes
  • Determination of relative stability
  • Comparable ASTM D6703, D7060, D711

Gas hydrates

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  • Thermodynamic inhibitors (TDI)
  • Kinetic inhibitors (KHI)
  • Anti-agglomerants (AA)
  • Hydrat equillibrium temperature (HET)
Sample volume:
-20 .. +60
up to 350 bar
depending test/instrument
Norm / Kurzbeschreibung
  • Autoclave testing for realistic results
  • Rocking Cell - screening of inhibitors
  • Influence of other additives on hydrate formation
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