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Measuring System Lambda

Measuring of Thermal Conductivity

The portable Lambda System for measurements of the thermal conductivity of fluids, powders, gels and nano particled fluids was developed as an enhanced instrument based on ASTM D2717 and acc. D7896.


  • For fluids, powders, gels and nanofluids
  • Determination of thermal conductivity based on ASTM D2717, acc. D7896
  • Temperature range -30 ... +190 °C (-22 ... +374 °F), no external cryostat required
  • Temperature range up to +400 °C (+752 °F)
  • Low budget version with liquid thermostat available
  • Ambient, 35 bar (507 psi), 200 bar (2,900 psi) - inert gas flushing
  • Small sample amounts sufficient (~ 50 ml)
  • Portable


  • Measurement of thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, specific heat capacity
  • Optimization of fluid development
  • Optimization of fluid application
  • Quality control
  • Measurement on-site


New: Low temperature - thermal conductivity -50 °C up to +190 °C

Our Measuring System Lambda is now extendable with a cooling-water recooler for temperatures down to -50 °C (-58 °F) -  a cost-effective alternative to cryostats with the same capacity.

Get more info about the cooling-water recooler.

Temperature range of-30 °C to +190 °C without external cryostat

The Measuring System Lambda with the thermostating unit LabTemp 30190 enables you to determine the thermal conductivity of fluids, powders, gels and nano particled fluids in a wide temperature range of-30 °C to +190 °C(-22 °F to +374 °F). No externalcryostat is required. The temperature range is covered by use of thermoelectric modules with tap water as cooling medium. This is an advantage especially in temperatures below 0 °C (32 °F) and above 100 °C (212 °F), because no change of cooling liquidis needed.
A cooling water supply of 800 ml/min at a water temperature of +8 °C (+47 °F) is sufficient to reach the minimal temperature of -30 °C (-22 °F). At a higher throughput or lower water temperature the minimum temperature can even be lower than that.

The thermal conductivity is measured directly in the sample. The homogeneous temperature control excludes convectional influences.

Due to the very high speed of the thermoelectric heating/cooling and the extreme temperature homogeneity of the LabTemp 30190 short measuring times are achieved, thereby the measuring frequency is increased significantly.
Only small amounts of sample (ca. 50 ml) are sufficient to execute reliable measurements.

Measusres thermal conductivity of fluids up to 35 bar

The Lambda Measuring Site can be used for unpressurized measurements, for pressurized measurements up to 35 bar (507.6 psi) or in relation to an inert gas flushing.
The measuring principle with an instationary heat wire allows for precise measurement of heat conductivity as well as the determination of thermal diffusivity. If the viscosity of the sample is known also the specific heat capacity can be determined.

Extensive software programm

The control software LamWin enables fast, automated measurements via PC. Measured data is visualized graphical and schedular and can be converted to an Excel-compatible format. 
Five measuring modesare possible:

  • Single measuring
  • Time interval
  • Continous measuring
  • Constant temperature
  • Temperature ramp

Via serial interfacethe heating/cooling unit LabTemp 30190 can be updated with new firmware if required. 

With the certified calibration thermometer provided by PSL the LabTemp 30190 can be automatically calibrated. This ensures permanent reliable measuring results. The elaborate maintenance service can be omitted and maintenance costs are lowered.

Due to the compact design the measuring site is transportable and requires just a small footprint.

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