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PSL receives 57.000 € of funding from the state

Matthias Wunderling-Weilbier, the State Commissioner for Regional Development, together with the Mayor of Osterode, presented notice of appropriation of funding from the NBank.

231,000 € will be invested in machinery, plant and equipment for the expansion of the plant. PSL Systemtechnik GmbH will receive 57,825 euros in subsidies from the joint task of "Improving regional economic structures" (GRW) and the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE). Bernd Schnäker from the Braunschweig Office for Regional Regional Development and Klaus Becker, Mayor of Osterode, were also present at the festive presentation of the award by Matthias Wunderlig-Weilbier, the State Commissioner for Regional Development. The award was proudly received by Managing Director Dr. Jens Pfeiffer and Technical Director Dipl.-Ing. Boris Peinemann.

This funding will create at least three new jobs at the Osterode site. PSL thus makes a contribution to strengthening and stabilising the structures in the Harz region. The mayor of Osterode, Klaus Becker, is also pleased about this. He is glad about the fact that in Osterode one invests and that something does itself. The managing director Dr. Jens Pfeiffer praises the conditions of the city Osterode. The personnel fluctuation is not so pronounced in Osterode as in other cities. Also the State Commissioner for Regional Development expressed itself positively over the regional developments in the resin. There is a kind of spirit of optimism and the communication between the city of Osterode, the scientific community and the local companies works well.

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